Do I need an underlayment with luxury vinyl flooring?

Do I need an underlayment with luxury vinyl flooring?

If you choose luxury vinyl tile or plank as your new floor covering, you may need underlayment to go along with it. An underlayment can add excellent benefits and features that will serve you well for years.

If you've never considered an underlayment or don't know how it works, learning more can be a big help. Here are some facts about underlayment and the flooring it serves.

Why do you need underlayment?

Depending on your chosen products, you might hear a clicking or hollow noise when you walk on your new flooring. Or you might see slight subfloor imperfections telegraphing up through LVP flooring.

Underlayment also helps add resilience, comfort, and warmth for the best possible results in every room. It's always a good choice in homes with children or the elderly for added comfort and performance.

What kind of underlayment?

Some luxury vinyl products offer cork, foam, rubber, or felt-attached underlayments. The attached underlayment means you won't wait through two different installations because it creates a single flooring sheet.

However, we must install some underlayments before your luxury vinyl is installed. This method gives you more variety and options to add the specific LVT material you want and need.

Be sure to ask about specific traits found in each underlayment product. Each one offers different characteristics to help you create a perfect experience.

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